Breathing together

I have wrestled with the idea of blogging for quite sometime now, but after much prayer, thought and consideration I figured blogging would not be a bad idea. After deciding that blogging would be something that I should do…. I sat on my bed and thought would a good name for my new blog would be. I felt that conspire would be a good name. See, there are several reasons why I thought the word conspire would be appropriate for my blog.
 One, Conspire is a verb and I like verbs! Verbs are usually within the main part of the sentence, the       predicate and it has some action attached to it.
Two, Consipre joins “com” which means “together” and “spirare” which means “to breathe”.
Three, Conspire literally means to breathe together.
Now, that you have my reasons, let me explain. I think life is about breathing together – being in community – sharing our gifts, talents, and inadequacies with one another. But I can’t help to question myself: do we really know what it means to “breathe together” or is it even possible to “breathe together” in the broken world we live in. My answer is yes, share in moments of grace, share in moments of love, share in awkward moments, share in moments of ______ (you fill in the blank).

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