Something to learn…

Over that past few weeks the Catholic church has probably had more publicity than it would like with its electing a new pope, in case you have fallen off the face of the planet, Pope Francis was elected last week. Upon his election, several questions arose wondering what kind of pope would he be, would be bring change, would he be for the young, the poor, who? Hearing those questions made me think of times in my own church tradition (I’m baptist, don’t hold it against me) when churches are in a interim stage searching for a new pastor. Typically there’s a formal or informal meeting done, surveys are taken up, a search committee is formed – all of this is done to see what kind of pastor best fits the church. I think the process is flawed because the one thing that you rarely hear of is praying for a new pastor – who will God send us?  Are the equipped for the current state of our church?
I think, the Catholic church has something to teach us when it comes to selecting a new leader. Cardinals from the Catholic church go into intense sessions of prayer and voting as the seek to elect a new leader. We, Baptists, go into intense meetings to vote and argue. See the flawed comparison? I do.
The current pope seems as if he is the man for the job. He appears to be extremely humble, concerned about world issues and simple. Some folks see no reason to be concerned with what other church traditions are doing because there’s has it right and that is all that matters. Well I would argue that we all can learn something from one another.

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