Fear not!

I’ve always been marveled at how the gospel of Mark ends abruptly ends with “…they said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid.” There are several theological arguments as to why it ends this way, my argument is that we (humanity) are afraid – afraid to tell the story.
This past week, I had a slight opportunity to genuinely feel what its like to not be afraid. I went on mission to Myrtle Beach, which one morning was spent at a homeless shelter serving lunch, after lunch students and I sitting in a multipurpose room began to sing songs and just hang out, well it turned into a mini concert! We sang and people who were residents of the shelter came into listen, as I sang I looked out into the crowd and saw faces filled with joy, pain, hurt, addiction, love, fear, scare, sadness, and excitement as we all experienced something unexplainable. I looked in the crowd I thought: “is this what heaven feels like?”. I’m sure I had a glimpse at what heaven will look like. I’ve thought about that divine moment since it happen on Tuesday and the only conclusion I can come up with is LOVE has no definitive is larger than we can imagine, its beyond our grasp, its beyond our reasoning!

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