Yeah, he did!

Over the past few months I’ve struggled with a decision I made to show love to someone that everyone else had cast out and damned – I decided to love that person. Because of that I was damned and cast out – shockingly I’m okay. I’m okay for several reasons: one,  I did what I felt was right according; two, I prayed, heard and acted; lastly, I just didn’t care what people said or did to me, however I have had my feelings hurt along the way.  Through this experience I’ve learned about myself, and what it truly means to follow Jesus. Once I decided to follow Jesus, I accepted a commission that to serve, love, pray, be awkward, uncomfortable, confused, angry, hurt, and happy among other emotions – which I experienced all of those emotions over the past few months as I struggled with this decision I made wondering if it was right.
This experience has allowed me to see that the gospel isn’t exclusive, but is extremely inclusive! 
The gospel is for the crack head, wealthy, panhandler, prostitute, drunk, sexually abused, homosexuals, lesbians…the gospel is for everyone! As Easter approaches I’m reminded that Jesus did NOT die for just anyone in particular, despite what you may think, he did not die for “them, they, those, we, or us” he died for everyone. May you all have an Easter that reminds you why he died!

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