The Unknown

I like to live my life via my calendar with some spontaneity, but not to much! The past few days have been filled with spontaneity, as I found out that the North Carolina Baptist State Convention would be “phasing out” its collegiate ministries throughout the state of North Carolina – let that sink in no more collegiate ministry in the state of North Carolina from the Baptist State Convention! Whoa!
While that should be exciting for me, since I work for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, its not, its actually saddening, because now some students will wonder hopelessly, some will wonder to other ministries, some will not go anywhere, and many will be scared by this decision.I got into what I’m doing because I enjoy taking part in a young persons growth and development – I learn from them and they learn from me! Well now what do we do for those students who need somewhere to grow and learn! Will they land in other groups or will they the leave faith communities to never return!? I have no idea what will happen from this day forward as collegiate ministry across the state takes a new shape, but I do know that we are seriously walking into the unknown! Join me in prayer for those affected by this “phasing out”….

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