"Work of the church"

Before the benediction, following the alter call at the church I attend they have a small segment called “work of the church” during this time the Pastor briefs the church on what is happening within the life of the church, then he calls their attention to areas at which they can serve during the week, and lastly gives a benediction.  The benediction has taken special meaning for me since I’ve started attending this church. It seems that the alter call, calls us to a time of holiness and excitement as people accept Christ and join the church, next the congregations is encouraged to become part of things that are happening, and lastly a benediction is pronounced sending us out into the community to serve!  

On my way home today as all of this began to unfold in my head, I asked myself “when and where does the work of the church happen?” I’ve wrestled with this question all day and only can conclude that the church building equips us and encourages us to be the church. I think we have become confused, Jesus did was not in the synagogue all the, he worked the streets, he rubbed elbows with the lowest of the low! So, where the the building and fancy gym come from? Perhaps the work of the church happens Monday – Saturday and the equipping on Sunday, would you agree? If you agree, why are we putting dollars into church infrastructure and nickels into missions? From this day forward let us work outside the church and get refilling on the inside!

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