Challenged and convicted!

Here’s something I’ve done for a few days now… Instead of praying at night I’ve said “Lord, what do you require of me?”… Now the prayers I’d say in the night are said in the morning, along with my usual morning prayers. I believe in praying in the morning and night everyday – I truly believe God loves to hear our voices! Me asking that question each night has been convicting and I would say the convictions are much needed. I’m not talking about the conviction that makes me acknowledge my sin, but the conviction that makes me question myself, my thought process and challenge my thinking, morals and reasoning.  

The words of Micah 6:8 have called me to do what some would say I’m crazy for  even thinking about but I think it’s how Micah 6:8 calls me to action: it calls me to love EVERYONE including those that make it hard, it calls me to do what is right when it’s hard, it calls me to seek Gods leadership and guidance in doing justice and loving mercifully. We are called to speak truth with boldness.  Micah 6:8 is a scripture used to support our ideas of doing what is right, but I say it’s a scripture that calls us, a scripture that unites us, a scripture that encourages us, a scripture that convicts us. 
Now, if Micah 6:8 calls and convicts you, as well – here are my suggestions: consider becoming part of local efforts to help people in need,  non violently fight for what is right, research issues that are not just and how you can help, give of your time and gifts to make this world better, don’t just give money, lend a helping hand, be a true stakeholder. It’s going to take ALL OF US to do justice, love mercifully and walk humbly with God! 

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