My response…

Over the past week the media has been flooded with Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality, however, his comments on how he never witnessed the mistreatment of blacks before Civil Rights while he was growing up in Louisiana  have not received much attention. I don’t have much to say about Robertson’s comments on homosexuality but I do have a few questions for all of my friends that have felt the need to have Facebook arguments and devote all of their time and energy to this.

Here are my questions:

  • Why is this getting so much attention when there will be children without Christmas presents in a couple days?
  • Why is this getting so much attention when there are families that will not eat dinner tonight?
  • Why is this getting so much attention when there’s a homeless person sleeping in the rain tonight?

Does Phil Robertson’s beliefs really matter? There’s someone reading this post wondering why I find homelessness, children’s presents, and families without food important. Well I’m not sure why I think my thoughts  carry more weight than Robertson’s; I know my thoughts  will not storm social media and I won’t get removed from anything, but I do think Christ would be concerned more with the issues I listed and many others…

Link to Robertson’s interview with GQ:

A prayer, I prayed.

A couple months ago I wrote and said this prayer during worship.

Lord, you speak through the beauty and paradoxes of this life. Grant each of us the clarity to embrace your will and what it is you have called is to do. Give us wisdom to know your will for us, the willingness to accept it, the courage and strength to do it. We need your help in each of these ways, for we cannot do any of them on our own.  Give us what we need and not what we want. No more. No less. May we live today with a heightened sense of your presence? We place our lives completely and unreservedly in your hands, and trust your will for us. Amen.

I must confess

I have to admit I’ve never liked Sunday school, I know what your thinking “a church staff member that doesn’t like Sunday school, what a joke” no it’s not a joke, I can’t stand it. Why? It’s old, I think it’s better suited for children and youth.
I respect the idea of Sunday school gathering before worship to learn about the bible with those in your age group, sounds good, right? However I think it can be draining after a long week the last thing I want to do is sit through a class. That isn’t really a good reason, but it’s my reason…at least these were my thoughts earlier this year until I walked into a Sunday school class at my church.

Sarah Davis was sitting there reading a issue of Baptists Today waiting for people to show up, no one was there when I walked in and asked if I could join her. Weeks went by other college students and twenty something’s began to show up. Sarah and I have become friends, we have lunch almost every week it’s a sad week when we can’t! Sarah has shown me the true meaning of Sunday school, I think; Sunday school is about growing in your faith while at the same time connecting with those who you worship with each week. Your Sunday school class is a community that cries together, laughs together, wrestles with scripture, and more.

Sadly I can’t say I have perfect Sunday school attendance because I’m usually several places during that hour but my weekly lunch sessions with Sarah are a mixture of Sunday school, laughter, friendship and love that I’m deeply grateful for!

I’m grateful for the Spirit and it’s leading me into Sarah’s class, my life is better because of it. I dedicate this to Sarah Davis!

Least of these

I had the opportunity share this awhile ago during a missions service, I hope you enjoy!

There was a group of ladies at a church that wanted to do some “in town” missions, since they aren’t able to go out of town, so they decided to have a program with singing, and preaching. Then at the end it would be an opportunity for those lost souls, to get saved! So, they got a list of people in town that would benefit from this program, but they didn’t want any of “those people” on the list, in fear they would want more just a dinner and an opportunity to be saved. One group got the list and went out to invite people, got the directions mixed up went to the wrong house and invited a lady, that we’ll call Barbara. The day of the program comes; the ladies are excited and can’t wait to see who all shows up.  They begin going around the room to say why everyone had come, Barbara stands up and says “I’m prostitute and I had been hoping someone would come by accept me for me and invite me to church”. The ladies faces turned pale, with embarrassment.  Why would they be embarrassed?

Their mistake caused them to do what Jesus would do! He would been having dinner with “those people”, he would been going to the mall with “those people”, he would have been had a sign out front of the church saying if your one of “those people” come on in and I’ll give you the respect, love and all that I have to offer.  So now this mistake has had to opportunity to not only offer hope, love and God work in Barbara’s life and hopefully those ladies now have a new outlook on “those people”.

Perhaps “those people” that we sometimes look down on are “the least of these”, the people the Jesus says if we wrong them, then we’re wronging him! So maybe you can’t leave home and want to do some “in town” mission go out  take the risk of inviting “those people” to church, or just spending time with them. Maybe taking that risk: you’ll find the strength of God that comes with friendship, following the call of God to go out and do his work is a risk. Remember how Jesus called the disciples, they took the risk of following Christ, not knowing what would happen….Will you take a risk?