I must confess

I have to admit I’ve never liked Sunday school, I know what your thinking “a church staff member that doesn’t like Sunday school, what a joke” no it’s not a joke, I can’t stand it. Why? It’s old, I think it’s better suited for children and youth.
I respect the idea of Sunday school gathering before worship to learn about the bible with those in your age group, sounds good, right? However I think it can be draining after a long week the last thing I want to do is sit through a class. That isn’t really a good reason, but it’s my reason…at least these were my thoughts earlier this year until I walked into a Sunday school class at my church.

Sarah Davis was sitting there reading a issue of Baptists Today waiting for people to show up, no one was there when I walked in and asked if I could join her. Weeks went by other college students and twenty something’s began to show up. Sarah and I have become friends, we have lunch almost every week it’s a sad week when we can’t! Sarah has shown me the true meaning of Sunday school, I think; Sunday school is about growing in your faith while at the same time connecting with those who you worship with each week. Your Sunday school class is a community that cries together, laughs together, wrestles with scripture, and more.

Sadly I can’t say I have perfect Sunday school attendance because I’m usually several places during that hour but my weekly lunch sessions with Sarah are a mixture of Sunday school, laughter, friendship and love that I’m deeply grateful for!

I’m grateful for the Spirit and it’s leading me into Sarah’s class, my life is better because of it. I dedicate this to Sarah Davis!

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