Over the past few weeks I have had several opportunities to spend time with friends who are very close to me! I admit that I haven’t valued my friendships the way I should. However the past week has allowed me to recapture the value of friendship and what it means to have people I’m your life who genuinely care about you and pray for you.

While I was poised to write this blog a good friend called so I decided to ask her how she defines friendship, she said: someone who always has your back and doesn’t judge you regardless of what you do. This person sometimes knows when something is wrong and you’re miles apart and will pick up the phone to call you. What she defined was our friendship, a soul friendship, a friendship the hits you at your core a person that you know is God sent! After ending her I was able to write what I had planned to write since she painted a simple picture of friendship for me.

Value your friendships, friends!

This blog is dedicated to Karina!