Lord, I’m praying.

My love for prayer and the sense of confusion I have when my prayers are answered seem to never match, if I love to pray, I should know that God will answer my prayers, right!? See that sounds logical but it’s very illogical – I think – I’ve learned that God will let some prayers sit for a few years and then out of blue one day your prayer is answer and sometimes prayers are never answered which can leave you wondering. Tonight I wrote the prayer below this paragraph, I’m not sure why I was inspired to write it but my hope is that it will speak to whoever it is for, whether that be now or later.

Creator God,
You speak to us in the midst of bright white snow, dark storms, overcast days of gray, sunny days, crisp wind, cool Carolina night breezes and we still don’t hear you – your patience with us is humbling. God I have to admit, I’m not sure why I’m praying the following things, however I feel compelled to pray them.

-I’m not praying for my denomination, I’m praying for all Christ followers, as well as those who will come to know you.

-I’m not praying to end poverty since Jesus said the poor will be with us, but I am praying that your people will respond though advocacy, justice and providing assistance to the improvised.

-I’m praying for the single father working to feed his children.

-I’m praying for the careless and unconcerned.

-I’m not praying to win the lottery, I’m praying for state education systems to provide ALL children with proper education, since most lotteries were created to generate money for education.

-I’m praying that will let the ordinary make us happy that we will exude gratefulness.

-I’m praying that we will take the things we learn on mission experiences back to our own communities.

-I’m praying the single mother who wasn’t able to feed her children tonight.

-I’m praying that we will serve in our own communities.

-I’m praying for those who haven’t been told they are loved and valued.

-I’m praying that we will stop giving social media power.

-I’m praying for the sex trafficked.

-I’m praying for those fighting terminal illness.

-I’m praying that the next apple product will not get more hype than Jesus.
I’m convicted by praying that as I write this on my iPad.

-I’m for those who call underpasses, wooded areas and cardboard boxes home.

-I’m praying that will we stop acting Christian and start doing what Christ has called us to do.

-I’m praying for senior citizens, middle aged, young adults, teenagers, children, toddlers and infants.

Do me a favor, please God? Keep me convicted. Amen.

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