Among us !

Over the past few Sundays during worship we have had a time of sharing titled “God at work in our lives”. As a result of this time being added to our worship service I’ve been asking myself each night how I’ve seen God at work during the day, well I’ll admit that it seems easy but it’s a hard question to answer some days, especially when I’ve had a bad day and said more bad words than good ones, but I’m sure that’s just me not the rest of you.

Here are some ways I’ve experienced God at work over the past few days…
• I’ve seen God in the eyes of children who attend Summer Camp.
• I’ve seen God as I transplanted tomatoes in a garden.
• I’ve heard his voice as I talk to our office assistant who inspires me daily.
• I’ve seen God as I’ve drove to Asheville and watched the clouds move.
• I’ve seen God when friends and I picked up hitchhikers on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
• I’ve seen God when a friend of my drove over 3 hours to hear me preach.
• I’ve heard through the voice of a second grader talking to me about Jesus on the seesaw!
• I’ve seen God as I drank coffee, listened to NPR and read a magazine while sitting on the couch.
• I’ve seen God while trimming hedges and talking about life with a friend.
• I’ve seen God while enjoying ice cream at Jack the Dipper with old friends and new ones. If you haven’t had Jack the Dipper, you need make your way to Sylva now!
• I’ve seen God in blue haired old women.
• I’ve seen God in while picking beans in a garden.
• I’ve heard Gods voice when I’m driving with the windows down and no music is playing.
• I’ve seen God in a friends concern for a family that needs more help than we can possibly give.
• I’ve seen God while hiking and feeling as if my legs were spaghetti.
• I’ve seen and heard God through tears, laughter, hurt, happiness, anger, and frustration.
• I’ve seen and heard God at work though my colleague to ensure the Gospel is being communicated in a way children can understand.

This list could go on forever but I think you get the point God is all around us and waiting for us to notice him. I’m writing this as I lay in bed typing and looking at a bright green plant to me it’s a representation of growth – growth that allows us to experience God in new ways, welcoming his presence to reside among us, not just hearing the voice of God but seeing his spirit at work!

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