Simple Challenge.

I have had the same morning routine for the past few months now, I wake up, turn on NPR, start some coffee, take a shower, get dressed, check the weather, read the latest crud via social media, say a few prayers and head out the door to start the day; I know I’m exciting, right? Recently I’ve had trouble sticking to my regular morning routine, because I can barely stand to listen to NPR or read the news because it seems to be filled with violence, hatred, and corruption. What does it matter, that’s just how the world is and there’s nothing we can do about it, well I feel different.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy investing in the lives of young children and teenagers because I’m hopeful that they will create positive change in our world and we need a lot of positivity. I’m hopeful that one day a child I invested in will be my doctor, will work to advocate for those without a voice, will spread Gods love, and will know that they are valued and loved.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to serve at a unique day camp in Washington, D.C. The children overwhelmed me; they were immediately welcoming and willing to share with our mission team. Why were these feelings overwhelming? Maybe it was because we aren’t welcoming and loving anymore; maybe it was because we live in a world where it is easier to hurt than it is to help. Well what if we started helping, what would it look like? I’ll admit it’s scary to think about how much good could be done if we all worked together.

My challenge is simple today is simple…do justice, tell people they are valued and loved!