This Will Be A Journey!

When I blog I like to be though provoking, challenging and make major claims about faith, however that I’m not sure my blog will do that today – its rather personal and a little out of my comfort zone to be honest, but I hope it will encourage someone.

Over the past year or more I’ve had some frustrating stomach issues – doctors have sent me around the block and back trying to understand what has been going on with me. I’ve spent a countless amount of days in pain, had a multitude of tests done and doctors have scratched their heads confused by my good health, as they like to call it. I’ll admit there have been times when I have felt hopeless and wanted to just sing my woe is me story from the mountain tops, however I have been hopeful to find a solution to my problems.

This past weekend I had an idea to explore the options of becoming a vegetarian. It is intimidating to think about giving up meat and scary – I’ve been shaking in my Chaco’s about the possibility of not eating meat. I had a doctors appointment this past Monday, the whole time I had my vegetarian idea in the back of my mind, after talking with my doctor about some things I posed the idea of me being vegetarian…after a long pause my doctor looked and me and said “yes, Kelly that is the perfect answer, it may solve several problems, processed meat is not good for you” – that wasn’t the answer I wanted. Ha! Well y’all, I’m transitioning to becoming a vegetarian, I’ll only eat fish!

I’m questioning if I have the will power to become vegetarian (I love ribs and barbecue) it will take a lot of work and will power on my behalf but will probably be a helpful for my health and future. I plan to blog about my journey to becoming a vegetarian from time to time – in the mean time, I need your help, and I need prayers for strength because this will require some will power and intentionality.



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