The Power of Perseverance!

I’ve been on the vegetarian journey for a week and I’ve learned a lot about myself and more importantly I’ve learned a lot about the power of perseverance. Allow me to humor you with a few things I’ve learned…

• Meat is everywhere and is in everything!
• I’ll miss Smithfield’s Chicken and Barbecue.
• I’ll miss steak.
• I hard to eat Mexican knowing I can’t have Arroz Con Pollo also known as ACP.
• Lots of places serve fish. Thank God!
• Granola is good and I should eat it ALL day long!
• Going to a steak house and not ordering steak just feels wrong.

It has been a funny week and hard at times. I’ve found comfort in granola, black beans and anything that swims. Ha! In all seriousness it has been a challenge, but I feel so much better and have my energy back. Each day I’ve said to myself “Kelly, keep persevering” so I’ll say the same to each of you KEEP PERSEVERING!

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