I love journaling and rarely have a hard time writing down my thoughts. I keep a small yellow journal on my night stand so I can jot down a few thoughts down before I go to bed and frequently write my prayers in my journal – I would say for me writing is a spiritual thing.


A few days ago I sat down to journal with my mind focused on writing about this year and all that has happen during this year but I couldn’t put my words into sentences! I sat at my counter for at least 30 minutes flooded with thoughts that I couldn’t put into words; I chalked this up to be my introversion showcasing itself.

Let me just say 30 minutes is a long time to sit in complete silence, especially when you mind seems to be full of thoughts, however as time passed I became very calm and all of my worries ceased to exist.


What’s the moral of the story? SHUT UP – take a few minutes to stop, relax and be still. To be honest up until this point I hadn’t just sat down and relaxed in sometime and was feeling the strains to my stress and worries about getting checks on my   to-do list.


I’m vowing to be still more in 2015, to shut up and listen!



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