Pause. Look. Listen

Well, I’ll piggyback off the post I made on Sunday. I challenged you all to look around and see what God is doing. I’ve done some looking around and I will tell you it’s almost overwhelming to see just how much God is at work and I seldom take time to truly notice it.

I’ve seen God in the eyes of senior adults who want share their wisdom and love with me.

I’ve seen God at work as school buses travel throughout our town.

I’ve heard God through children’s’ voices.

I’ve felt Gods presence as I drove a bus to pick up children and could see snow covered mountains in the distance.

I’ve heard God in coffee shops as I eavesdropped on others conversations.

I’ve felt Gods presence in texts from friends.

I’ve God seen, felt and heard God though voices of individuals concerned about one another.

Pause. Look. Listen

Look Around.

“Where have you seen God at today?” This is one of my favorite questions, but one of the most difficult questions to answer all at the same time. Every now and then I like to ask myself this question during the day and like most I sit and think for several minutes as to where I’ve seen God at during the day, when the reality is I’ve seen God everywhere and the beauty of his creations that exist all around me.

As most of you know I function as an introvert and have tons of thoughts going on in my head that I can’t put into words most of the time. So I choose silence. Needless to say that can sometimes be a negative for me, especially when I think I have something to say but I can’t figure out how to put those thoughts into a well-formed sentence.

So, here’s where I’m going with all of this I had a pretty high stress week this past week and I’m not sure why it was so stressful but it was. Truthfully I can’t say I spent a lot of time noticing where God is and how he is at work, which isn’t good. But now, I’m sitting on a friend’s couch writing and catching up with them. Now as I reflect on this past week, I can truly say God was at work and so many ways and I didn’t recognize any of it – hopefully I let his Spirit take over and lead me throughout the week.

What’s the moral of the story? Stop, smell the flowers and look at ALL God is doing around you – he’s doing a lot and you’re apart of his work! We all get to partner with God in what he is doing throughout the world.

So, I’ll ask you – how have you seen God at Work, my friend!?



A few days ago a good friend and I decided to write a blog together, however we didn’t know what to write about – we both are self-proclaimed deep thinkers. Ha. Nonetheless we both decided to write responses to the questions below. Its safe to say we both took different approaches to these questions but in both responses (I might be biased) I hear desires to love and serve.

Here are Kristina’s responses:

Who has impacted me?

The first two individuals that have impacted me from the very start are my parents.  Regardless of what the world may become, my parents showered me with endless unconditional love.  Every day they provided me with encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, and most importantly food. Envision from my parents gave me hope to strive hard in life to accomplish the things I wanted most. Being successful isn’t always a key they reminded it’s the happiness you receive as you are successful.  From them, although I’ve not yet explored everything there is to life through them I have been blessed with what the true meaning of life is. The true meaning of life is to not limit yourself to the possibilities that are to come, be patient and understanding, and most of all lead a life that you would want not what others may want for you.

Who have I impacted?

In life you come across countless individuals. Sometimes those you come across that you think you have impacted are not always impacted by you. Many times it is more I do the watering to the seed that has already been planted by someone else in a person or others times help provide fertilizer for the seed giving it some support. Although there have been many watering and fertilizing, the ones I can say I’ve truly impacted the most without being self-proclaiming are my five halves who not by chance encounter but by the grace of God been blessed with. Sisters Annie, Joslynn, twins Grace and Angel, and my brother Sajiah. They help me challenge myself to be the best older sibling, leader, friend, and most importantly a role model such that my impact can be one of their reasons to strive forth even harder within the world to be just as successful or even more successful in the making of their own written story of life. All I want as an older sibling is that if all the happiness of the world couldn’t provide for them that at least some were made possible by me.


Here are my responses:

Who has impacted me?

I’ll just go ahead and say it – this is a loaded question! I have been impacted by a lot of people and they all have helped shape me into the person I am today and will become. I’ll say those who have impacted me the most would be the children I get to love and connect with everyday!

 Who have I impacted?

I’ll take a classic Mother Teresa stance with this one “not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” My hope is that I have done things along my journey that have allowed those around me to feel valued, respected and loved. May we all impact someone!


I hope you all will remember those who invested in you and you will invest in someone. You never know what kind of impact you can make!


Kristina and I