Look Around.

“Where have you seen God at today?” This is one of my favorite questions, but one of the most difficult questions to answer all at the same time. Every now and then I like to ask myself this question during the day and like most I sit and think for several minutes as to where I’ve seen God at during the day, when the reality is I’ve seen God everywhere and the beauty of his creations that exist all around me.

As most of you know I function as an introvert and have tons of thoughts going on in my head that I can’t put into words most of the time. So I choose silence. Needless to say that can sometimes be a negative for me, especially when I think I have something to say but I can’t figure out how to put those thoughts into a well-formed sentence.

So, here’s where I’m going with all of this I had a pretty high stress week this past week and I’m not sure why it was so stressful but it was. Truthfully I can’t say I spent a lot of time noticing where God is and how he is at work, which isn’t good. But now, I’m sitting on a friend’s couch writing and catching up with them. Now as I reflect on this past week, I can truly say God was at work and so many ways and I didn’t recognize any of it – hopefully I let his Spirit take over and lead me throughout the week.

What’s the moral of the story? Stop, smell the flowers and look at ALL God is doing around you – he’s doing a lot and you’re apart of his work! We all get to partner with God in what he is doing throughout the world.

So, I’ll ask you – how have you seen God at Work, my friend!?


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