Pause. Look. Listen

Well, I’ll piggyback off the post I made on Sunday. I challenged you all to look around and see what God is doing. I’ve done some looking around and I will tell you it’s almost overwhelming to see just how much God is at work and I seldom take time to truly notice it.

I’ve seen God in the eyes of senior adults who want share their wisdom and love with me.

I’ve seen God at work as school buses travel throughout our town.

I’ve heard God through children’s’ voices.

I’ve felt Gods presence as I drove a bus to pick up children and could see snow covered mountains in the distance.

I’ve heard God in coffee shops as I eavesdropped on others conversations.

I’ve felt Gods presence in texts from friends.

I’ve God seen, felt and heard God though voices of individuals concerned about one another.

Pause. Look. Listen

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