This season

This past week most of North Carolina and many other states had the pleasure of extremely cold weather. Snow, ice and rain, oh my! Needless to say we had some extremely cold days.

All week I have thought about those families that don’t have adequate housing, heating, or clothing for cold weather. Of course, I’m writing at my kitchen table inside my warm with a closet full of jackets and sweaters in my bedroom, but that is not the reality for many. I’ll be honest I didn’t do any research or find out how assist families that do not have adequate housing or clothing this week, but I did say a special prayer for those who individuals. I wish had done a lot more to help those who were cold.

Around Christmas time I challenged my faithful readers to support those in need throughout the year not just during the holidays. Well, I didn’t do a good job of that this week, however I’m not sure what I could have done other than pray for those in need. This Lenten season, I will pray, listen and serve.


May our eyes be opened and our hearts changed this Lenten season!

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