Well, Just Pray.l

I like to pray y’all. I like to pray a lot. I tend to tell my friends that God loves to hear our voice, which is true, but I also think  an element of listening that must be involved also. Listening is the hardest part because we don’t like silence or being told what to do for that matter – I’m sure that isn’t the case with any of you and I’m only talking about myself.

I would say that Soren Kierkegaard got it right when he said, “The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” May we all be transformed each time we talk to God. I do believe God like to loves to hear our voice and that he does talk back…we just have to listen.

The following list of things is a few things I’m talking to God about right now; I have wrote these things in the form of a prayer  and I’ll say there is a lot we need to pray for in this world. It will take all of us to pray, listen and respond to meet the needs of this world. Don’t forget Christ calls us to love, each other and be in community with one another, even those we don’t like – its hard, I know.

Creator God,

  • We recognize we aren’t as faithful to you as we should be.
  • We recognize your desire for us to respond to you call.
  • We recognize all of the pain and hurt in the world right now, so we pause to pray specifically for those we know who are hurting.
  • We recognize the need for food as some families are hungry and unsure where their next meal will.
  • We see the need for adequate housing, as some families struggle to live in unfair conditions.
  • We pray for safe transportation as the family members heads to work.
  • We pray for quality childcare.
  • We pray for those in the world who don’t know where their next meal will come from or when it will come.
  • We pray for the careless and unconcerned.
  • We pray for those in Nepal who experienced the earthquake this weekend.
  • We pray for our children who have to grow up in a broken and messy world.
  • We pray for leaders around the world.
  • We pray for each other.
  • We pray for our families.
  • We pray for ourselves, that we might be willing to look past our own needs to care for those around us.


Let’s be honest I’m sure my small list of things to pray for don’t even scratch the surface of all that we need to talk to God about, so why don’t we all just stop and say a prayer for those things that concern us, but also be willing to celebrate where God is working in the world.

Just pray. As I said earlier, God loves to hear your voice.

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