Just Read It. I Can’t Title It.

Y’all some times I really enjoy my work and some times I really struggle to know if I’m doing the right thing. Working with children is hard because you want the best of each of them and you want to see them succeed! This past year I’ve learned the stories of close to 30 kids in our After School Program, some of their stories are tough and full of pain, some of their stories are full of happiness and love, some their stories I don’t understand, and some of their stories I don’t know. It has been a hard year for me learning how to care of each child and their family and realizing that I can’t fix every situation.

I spent sometime this week reflecting on all I’ve experienced this past year as I’ve learned how to direct an After School Program that is bigger than anything I would have ever imagined or seen myself doing. About once or twice a week, while I’m having my morning cup of coffee (a necessity) and listening to NPR, I ask myself “whom are you advocating for?”… Today I figured out what I’ve been advocating for all year and will continue to advocate for! I advocate for children, I believe EVERY child should know that they are loved and cared about. I believe it is my job help parents know they are not alone and I want to help them in giving their child the best. I believe it is my job to listen to silly stories that make no sense at all. I believe it’s my job to help families that need assistance with food, heat, water, housing or clothing. Advocating means that I shouldn’t judge (even though, I do) I should try my best to help and heal. I believe it is OUR job to connect with those in our community and be change agents! I get to be a change agent through impacting the lives of children each day. I’m not bragging because I couldn’t do any of this without Gods calling, sending, blessing and strength!

In a sermon sometime ago I said that we shouldn’t be a voice for the voice less but a voice with the voice less…. so what? Well, if you really want to advocate for those issues that are important to you become a member of the system, you have to weep with the people, you have to pray with the people, you have to rejoice with the people, and most importantly you have to spend time with the people.

We all have things that are important to us and things we want to change. What is it? Get moving! What are you called to do? Who are you advocating for? Who are you sharing love with?

By the way, I seriously didn’t know what to title this post. Haha. 

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