Too Much Hatred For Me!

I’ll say there has been a lot going on in the news here lately!

Its safe to say I’m an old man stuck in a young mans body. I wake up every morning turn on my coffee pot, listen to NPR and prepare for the day. For the past week, I’ve been hesitant to turn on NPR because the news has been flooded with hatred.

I’ve been trying to understand and discern what my place is as a Christian in response to all that is going on in the world, especially the mass amounts of hatred I’ve seen over the past few days. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to preach in Cuba using Micah 6:8. I defined what it means to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

Justice comes from within and arises when groups of people who have been alienated from what within reason belongs to them, these groups envision change and seek dynamic alternatives to their change unjust conditions. When we see injustices we are called like Micah to do something. We must realize that justice is not for just us it is for everybody, it asks for us to deny our own self -interests and work together, truthfully critiquing the present unjust system and to evoke change. Doing justice is intertwined with loving-kindness as we seek to value all of human kind.

To love kindness does not come easily. Perhaps it is hard because loving kindness means that we must be vulnerable. It means we should love one another out of genuine concern and care and be willing to carry the burdens of other as our own. Weeping with and for those hurting around us, holding the hands of others so they will know they are not alone.

Walking humbly, means that we take our noses out of the air, not walk around with our shoulders slouched, stand upright and walk with great affirmation knowing that we have been called and equipped to do the work of Christ! It is realizing we can’t do anything on our own, paying attention to those around us, listening for Gods call through the cries of his people.

Some months ago in Cuba I defined Micah 6:8 as stated above, thinking that I had come to genuinely understand what it means to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God, well come to find out I was preparing myself to be able to make sense of all the hatred I was hear and see on my Facebook newsfeed.

Those of you who have decided to stick with hate rather than love, can I suggest you take all of the energy you use to hate others and do something that will help others. Do something that focuses on adequate housing, equal pay for all, food insecurity, quality childcare…you know something that will better a person!

Do justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly!

One Reply to “Too Much Hatred For Me!”

  1. Kelly,

    You are certainly shining The Lord’s light on the never ending problem of hate.

    Nothing good is ever accomplished when people hate.

    God made up all different, and for that we should thank Him!

    What a singular world we would live in……..what if we were all mechanically adept, but had no ability to teach, or we could teach, but we couldn’t learn? Etc.

    We all need to evolve and realize that The Lord really DOES know what He is doing, and we should trust in him.

    How wonderful if we could all use our special gifts and talents to balance each other out, becoming better as a whole, rather that simply just one person with a few talents and gifts.

    You are indeed an old soul in a young man’s body, and what a gift that is, so that you can speak and be hear by multiple generations……….now THAT is a gift to celebrate!

    The people who lost their lives in the Charleston church shooting are mourned not only by those who knew them and loved them, but by those of us who knew they were one of “us”, God’s people. This tragedy shone the light on what is wrong with hatred, and we are all vulnerable to an incident like this.

    Therefore, we should take the light that has been shone on this evil deed, and make sure that hatred is stopped in its tracks.

    Because of this tragedy the Confederate flag has been lowered on the state capital of South Carolina forever.

    As we all know a flag, is just a symbol, and in this case removing it was something that was debated for years before……… there was no debate……it must come down, and what it came to stand for NOT acceptable.

    Let us pray that in the future we can be bold enough to right wrongs and bring justice to our country with out a tragedy such as Charleston.

    Please keep the Faith and know that He is absolute and we must fight evil everyday. You are a born leader, Kelly.

    Love and Blessings,

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