How The Sacred Smacked Me In The Face!

Today a friend of mine and me were talking about finding time in our busy lives to slow down and find the sacred. Of course, I said I needed to find more time to slow down and experience life rather than just going from one thing to the next. Well here’s a story of how the sacred smacked me right in the face.

Each day I pick up children from two schools for the after school program I direct and yes driving a bus full of children is my favorite thing to do each day! I walked in one school in a rush to get kids, get out the door and load the bus then start our journey back to church. As I was racing around the circle, I heard a familiar voice say “hey, Mr. Kelly” I looked down and it was one of my summer camp kids sitting down completing her math homework, I didn’t have much time to stop and talk to her since one of the after school mentors had a crowd of kids alone and needed to check attendance and load the bus, but I decided to sit down, take a few minutes and catch up with her. She updated me on her life as quick as a seventh grade girl can and then expressed how she missed our church and the after school program, I wrote my number down and told her to have her parents contact me.

Now here’s some backstory on this young lady, during the summer she reaffirmed my distain for middle school girls – the drama, the crying, the attitude, and complaining – I just can’t take it. Ugh. I digress. She came to us at random this summer; I remember talking to her grandmother about her enrolling as I was driving on I-40 headed back to the mountains from Fayetteville. I’m not sure what her full story is but I know it’s full of pain, hurt, distrust and not filled with lots of love. She came to us a scared and unsure about it meant to be Christian. During this summer she developed in ways I never would have imagined but she grew in her relationship with Christ and accepted Christ. While myself and staff takes no credit for helping children come to know Christ we believe it is the spirit working through us and the biblical education we provide children with on a daily basis.

And that’s how the sacred smacked me in the face!

One Reply to “How The Sacred Smacked Me In The Face!”

  1. We all need that “smack in the face” from time to time. It is so easy to let our vision and perspective become very narrow as we live in our worldliness.
    Once we take our blinders off and have a broader view, and include the needs of others, we can only be humbled by how MUCH we have, not by how little.
    As always, Kelly, Thank You for refreshing my vision of the world!!!!

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