What If…

I tend to read two or three books at one time, simply because I like reading and well there are so many good options it’s hard to pick just one book. Currently I’m reading one book on finding God in people and having an authentic faith, the other is about advent and how we should give more and spend less during the year. While both of these books don’t exactly go together I have made them come together in my cluttered brain.

Here’s a few “what-ifs” I’ve scribbled down over the past few weeks as I’ve read both books.

What if we attempted to gain a deeper understanding of our walk with Christ?

What if we tried to find moments Hope, Joy, Peace and Love in our daily life?

What if we quit caring about Starbucks cups?

What if we complained less?

What if we prayed more?

What if we started giving to people all year around and not just during the holiday season?

What if we spent more time with the ones we love rather than being on our device?

What if we tried to find the good in all people no matter how much we didn’t like them?

Yeah….what if….

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