Kindness Feeds The Spirt

I had the opportunity to do something different for Easter, I went with friends to provide Trail Magic on the Appalachian Trail at Deep Gap. My friend, Jerry started this tradition 26 years ago following his time on the Appalachian Trail. He began taking is Ford F-150 out and providing meals for individuals on Easter weekend each year and from there it grew into a beautiful expression of giving and blessing those who are hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Jerry had invited me to go with him several times to provide Trail Magic however the timing just never felt right but this year it seemed like this was what I needed to do so I agreed to go and help. I was unsure what I would experience or who I would meet. The only exposure I had with the Appalachian Trail was the stories I had heard and read. Completely unaware and unsure of what I would experience I went with an open-mind prepared to meet people and learn. Well, I learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people of the weekend.

Jerry coined the phrase “Kindness feeds the Spirit” and I believe there is a special Spirit that can be found on the trail and at this yearly event. I met people of all ages, from many different places around the world and all were grateful to come around the corner and see a spectacular spread of food and welcoming faces welcoming them and inviting them to come rest and feed their spirt! This experience is one that inexplicably has changed my life and I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Be kind to one another and remember “Kindness feeds the Spirit”!


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