Gotta Say Something…

Well, there’s a lot going on in our world that calls us all to having meaningful conversations about the brokenness of this world. While I’m sure how to respond to any of what I read on Facebook, hear in conversation wherever we may be, hear in the news, etc. I think it is important for us to be wise in how we respond and to table our ignorance’s. Here are my thoughts on what we all need to do and remember.


  • Each day is a new day and enjoy the blessings of it and all the beauty that it brings. Enjoy the conversations and connections that you get to have with each person.
  • Always seek God and listen for how he is leading you.
  • Stay positive and enjoy the journey. You are being shaped and molded with each step.
  • Be slow to respond and contemplative in all things that you do.
  • Recognize the humanness of others. We’re all flawed and will make mistakes.
  • Do not allow social media to replace the need for genuine face to face communication. In my opinion what we say over the internet or text is not what we would say if we were having a genuine face to face conversation with one another.
  • We all are entitled to our own opinions and viewpoints. And shockingly, we’re allowed to disagree.
  • Kindness and respect for each other can get us a long way. Jesus talks about this a lot, oh and your Kindergarten would be proud after all that’s is one of the first places a lot of us learned communication and that we don’t always get our way.
  • Sometimes are not as black and white as we make them. Our world is complex and we are complex people with many layers.
  • Everything isn’t about you!


Friends, with your eyes may you see the beauty of Gods handiwork. With your hands may you share Christs love with one another and extend a helping hand to your neighbor. With your feet may you carry Gods love into this broken and messy world we live in. Amen.

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