For a long time, I used to think making time for myself to “recharge” was selfish and that sleep served as the best way to do that however my views on that has changed I’ve learned and grown more from listening to my body say its tired and what it needs to be well again. I thought I would share some of my practices with you.

  • Writing – I love writing stories, poems, prayers and my blog posts the give me a sense of release.
  • Sitting on the porch – I love sitting outside and watching the world go by and hearing all of the sounds outside has to share.
  • Making things.
  • Being in the woods whether that be hiking or biking.
  • Listening to music that tells a story.
  • Warm cups of coffee.
  • People watching – I find it very interesting to see how people communicate and interact with each other.

These are the few practices I’ve learned that make my soul well again and I’m sure as I grow and navigate life I will learn more. Friends take care of yourselves – it’s good for you and all involved.

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