To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a national organization I was introduced to a few years ago, TWLOHA is an organization that was born out of providing hope for a friend that was struggling with several issues to include addition and self-injury. After hearing Renee’s story and participating in a TWLOHA event where we literally wrote love on each other’s arms, it changed my life it allowed me to see the world differently, it allowed me to know that on my hardest and darkest days when I feel alone and hopeless that I’m not – the event changed my life and I know my introducing it to others has done the same.

I can’t say that I’ve had any significant struggles with addiction, depression, self-injury and/or depression and I can say I’ve known many people who have, and I’ve been blessed to walk the road to recovery with many individuals. As I reflect on those experiences several words that have been at the center of those conversations have been “hope, love, and respect”, those seem like generic words for what I’m writing about but they are powerful words, they are words that should elicit action in us to ensure that all people are loved, respected and that we collectively share hope with one another that things will improve and get better in time.

As I sit here write and drink coffee there’s only one place I can land as we go forward and that is hope, last week TWLOHA tweeted“If the road ahead seems daunting, pause to remember just how far you’ve already come” – I’ll first to admit that the road ahead can seem dauting and dark often, but we are called to share hope, light and love – we are the hopeful. Let’s mean it when we ask someone how their day was, say kinder words (I’m working on this myself), be the good, be gracious and don’t make assumptions, seek to understand, be honest about what you can’t handle and do it all with love!

Friends, you matter, you are important, you are loved, and you are of worth. Share the spirt of love, grace and worth with others as much as you can!

Monday, September 9this World Suicide Prevention Day – if you have a story, share it, it just might save someone’s life. For information check out the To Write Love on Her Arms site here.

The feature photo is a picture of a poster I purchased from TWLOHA and is a quote by Jamie Tworkowski, Founder of TWLOHA