About Kelly

How can I explain myself with out sounding conceded…hmm?


I love coffee!

I like to travel!

I love the mountains – hands down best place to live!

Jesus is cool!

Books are amazing!

I love people and I’m an introvert! Weirdo, right!?

I love hearing and telling stories!

I’ve been writing a book for two years. It’ll be finished soon, I hope but I said that two years ago.

I have lots of personal jam sessions!

I listen to NPR and drink coffee in the morning!

Coffee shops are great!

I’ve been trying to teach myself banjo and failing miserably.

I try to shop local as much as possible.

In high school I was voted most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize!

I like to write. I’ll let you decided if I’m any good!

I’m known to tell lame jokes and say inappropriate things. A lot!

Well that just might give you a window into the craziness that is Kelly!


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